United Electric Grid invests in key substation north of Moscow
date: 2014-09-02 13:29:36

According to the multi-year investment program of JSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company" (Moscow United Electric Grid) reconstructs supply 220/110 kV substation "Novobratsevo" their branch "Central Electric Networks" (CES).

Almost new building complete switchgear (KRU) 20 kV. Finalized two new cameras for power transformers of 100 MVA. Carried out works on the reconstruction of the facade ventilation switchgear 20 kV and 110 kV high-voltage lines with 110 kV line isolator and improved construction of a cable tunnel. Also has 2 automatic transformer capacity of 250 MVA, which increased the total capacity of the substation from 189 to 689 MVA.

The total estimated cost of the project is 4.5 billion rubles. Complete reconstruction of the SS "Novobratsevo" Moscow United Electric Grid plans in 2014

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