Ukraine agrees to ensure the transit of Russian gas on its own terms
date: 2014-09-02 15:40:17

According to an anonymous representative of "Naftogaz" Ukraine is ready to ensure the transit of Russian gas on its territory if the gas collection point built on the eastern border of Ukraine. This statement with reference to the representative of Naftogaz put agency Reuters.

According to a source, transit can be easily achieved if the gas to fly on the eastern border of Ukraine, for example, through the mediation of European companies. Naftogaz said earlier that the transit of gas through Ukraine to the European Union will be able to carry out the company, do not fall under the sanctions of the EU and the United States have signed a direct agreement with Naftogaz.

The European Commission continues to engage in a constructive dialogue and mediation mission to find energy compromise between Ukraine and Russia with regards to price, volume, delivery dates and the arrears for gas.

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