The Chinese have built a new pipeline in Iraq
date: 2014-09-02 16:28:09

Press office of the main oil and gas producers of the PRC company CNPC announced the completion of construction 272-kilometer oil pipeline in Iraq. CNPC consortium implemented the project jointly with the Chinese offshore oil company.

Thus, Iraq has earned a new pipeline to export oil from fields Halfayya and Burzugan to the southern city of Fao in the Persian Gulf. The pipeline's capacity of 5 million tons of oil per year, the length of the ISPs - 272 km.

During construction company allowed many complex situations related to geological features and the military-political situation in the country. Built MNP passes through the bed for almost 300 rivers in the country. Also line overcame a 30-kilometer zone of protective minefields and military barricades. In addition, because of the worsening military events, for safety reasons the majority of Chinese specialists were evacuated from the country. Chinese companies are sympathetic to the military and political characteristics of the country and are ready to continue active innovation and technological activities in the region.

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