Tajikistan plans to switching to fuel standard Euro-4
date: 2014-07-21 16:54:31

Press Service of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan informed about signing draft investment agreement on the construction and commissioning of the plant for processing oil Euro-4 standard in the industrial area Tursunzoda.

The project will be implemented in the next 2 years, a total investment of $ 21 million investor is company "KKN-Regar", allocated for the project the necessary equipment, personnel and finances.

Tajik government provides the investor a number of privileges, including a special regime of customs and taxation. In addition, the investor will be obliged to pay no taxes and duties for the period of implementation of the investment project after the agreement.

KKN-Regar, in turn, agrees to comply with legislation regulating prices and tariff policy.

Also, the investor and the project company have the right " to use the results of their investments, including reinvestments and trading operations on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, repatriate their profits in any form, including cash, goods and services purchased in Tajikistan."

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