Statoil completes exploration in the Barents Sea
date: 2014-09-02 14:46:39

The press service of the state oil company of Norway «Statoil ASA» reported the discovery of a gas field in the course of exploration of the research program in the area of raising Hupa in 2014

Small gas field was discovered as a result of exploration work together with Statoil Idemitsu Petroleum Norge licenses PL614 (Mercury) in the Barents Sea in the area Fingerdjupet-Hoop.

Total on site Hoop Statoil drilled three exploration wells on licenses PL615 (Apollo and Atlantis) and PL614 (Mercury). At the borehole Apollo discovered carbon-free large cavity. 2 other wells contain insignificant gas fields.

Vice president of Statoil Irene Rummelhof responsible for exploration on the continental shelf, said that the company is pleased with the result, since the area Hoop with an area of about 15,000 square meters. only 6 km drilled wells and wells dry and hopeless - a frequent occurrence in geological prospecting. Statoil is based on the results of the hydrocarbon exploration drilling is further well drilling plan in the Hoop in the Barents Sea.

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