Russian Railways has reduced fuel transportation
date: 2014-09-02 15:10:53

According to published reports, the JSC "Russian Railways" in July 2014, the reduction in the volume of oil and oil products by 4.3% compared with July 2013, volume totaled 22,168,000 tons of raw materials and fuel.

Oil exports in July 2014 decreased by 7.4% and amounted to 8.799 million tons. At the same time increased by 8.7% (8.025 million tons) of the total exports to non-CIS countries. Oil exports to the CIS countries is reduced to practically zero (773,600 tons).

Transportation of gasoline in July 2014 as a whole decreased by 8.6%, diesel fuel decreased by 5%. Exports of crude oil decreased by 22.5%. Increased supply of fuel oil to 5.5%.

Previously vice president of Russian Railways Salman Babaev talked about a possible increase in the cost of transportation of diesel fuel by 12%. This supplement will help reduce the price of diesel fuel Russian Railways, purchased for locomotives.

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