Rosgeologiya conducts gold exploration drilling sites in North Ossetia
date: 2014-09-02 15:14:41

Diversified holding of "Rosgeologiya" announced the start of preparatory work on the subsidiaries of "Yuzhgeologiya" and JSC "Sevosgeologorazvedka" to conduct exploratory drilling in North Ossetia.

Federal agency Rosnedra back in 2013 held a contest for the right to conduct exploration in gold and Teplinskii Arsikomskom sites Teplinskii ore unit in North Ossetia. State contact exploration territory Sevosgeologorazvedka got that in the first field season found quartz ore zones with possible gold mineralization. Sample channel sampling were sent for laboratory analysis. Were also built technical routes for the movement of construction equipment for exploration drilling.

Division Rosgeologiya Yuzhgeologiya subcontracted sent in the study area of North Ossetia specialized equipment to carry out exploration and exploratory drilling. Special equipment is now in Vladikavkaz, then will be sent to the camp area Alagirsky geologists near the middle course. Bugultadon.

Specialists Yuzhgeologii plan to drill 7 deviated wells with depths of 200-300 m each. In the ore zone will be selected up to 80% of core material. Drilling difficult mountain conditions and heights of 2-3 km. Yuzhgeologiya plans to finish his stage work before the end of 2014 then continue Sevosgeologorazvedka study, which will prepare a report on the availability of promising deposits of gold and associated minerals by the end of 2015

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