Petroceltic stops the exploration work in Iraqi Kurdistan
date: 2014-09-02 15:51:57

Irish oil company «Petroceltic International» reacted negatively to the statement by the Kurdistan regional authorities about a possible increase in oil production from Iraq's oil fields.

The company Petroceltic with a partner and operator of exploration drilling in Iraqi Kurdistan subsidiary of Hess Corporation «Hess Middle East New Ventures Limited Company» analyzed the current economic and political situation in the region.

Blocking the work and capture fields in Kurdistan militants of the Islamic state and Ira Levant (LIH) today pratkcheski not affect the exploration work (IRT) for exploration blocks and Dinarta Shakrok. However, a European company decided to temporarily stop work on the exploratory drilling at the well Shirin-1 license of subsurface Dinarta. Company evacuates the entire support staff.

Earlier, an independent oil and gas company «Afren Plc» stopped production drilling on the Barda Rash in Kurdistan because of the threat of capture deposits Islamist militants in Iraq.

Following this, the regional Ministry of Natural Resources issued a statement Kurdinstana guaranteed security of all employees of the oil industry and their work in Kurdistan. In this case, the regional authorities have offered to companies to increase the volume of oil production.

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