On Vishanskom oilfield in Belarus launched a project EOR "Vichy Termogaz"
date: 2014-07-23 14:13:10

The joint project "Zarubezhneft" and "Belorusneft" enhanced oil wells by introducing innovative pilot technologies.

For successful EOR method due to the impact of thermal gas compressor station started operation, warm air is pumped into the reservoir in the fields.

First production methods to increase the quality of hard-to-oil remaining reserves in the fields implemented jointly by Russia and Belarus.

According to experts Belorusneft, controlled by the company fields more than 60% of the remaining recoverable oil reserves are scavenger.

First introduced at thermogas method carbonate reservoirs with formation temperature below 56 ° C and constant of about 2 miles darcy. Typically, this method was applied only to collectors of high temperature reservoir.

The project will be implemented at the site intersalt deposits Vishanskogo oil field in the Pripyat Trough.

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