NPF Politehnica released a new product: Roll flexible reservoir separator
date: 2014-08-24 20:09:55

NPF Polytechnic launched a new and unique kind of product Roll elastic reservoir oil and gas separator (PER-NG) for the storage of crude oil downhole.

Roll elastic reservoir oil and gas separator (PER-NG) is designed for the reception well production by flowlines after the first stage degassing storage and deep cleaning of the gravitational gas and water, and for the issuance of commercial oil in the transport pipeline. The settled water is returned to the water system of the oil field

Features of the liquid / gas in closed shells isolated liquids, vapors and gases, as well as an abnormally high ratio of surface area to the tank separator cause exceptional cost-effectiveness of gravitational flexible tanks separators PER-NG in the preparation of commercial oil as close as possible to the place of production and with minimal costs for the delivery, installation and commissioning.

More detail on the page: Tank Separator PER-NG

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