Iran increased electricity production
date: 2014-08-24 16:16:58

In Iran, the increased volume of electricity production due to the commissioning of new capacity to the power station.

At TPP «GENO» in Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan Province commissioned a second gas turbine combined cycle unit, increasing the production of electricity to the power of 324 MW. To date, the total production of electricity in Iran is now the 72 th. MW.

The planned launch facilities at TPP Geno implement since spring 2014, when the total power supply was connected to Iran's first power unit. The third and fourth thermal power Geno's plan to launch in the spring of 2015. The expected output of all gas-turbine power units will be 648 MW.

TES on Geno performed more than two-thirds of the construction work. 5 built underground 20 thousand vat storage facilities for the power plant.

In the government's plans include the construction of Iran's 20 new units, which will increase the production capacity of power plants in the 47 thousand MW.

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