In the Russian part of the Arctic more than 40 hydrocarbon fields
date: 2014-09-02 15:08:13

In the Arctic, there are about 60 large oil fields, most of which are free to develop Russia. Arctic shelf of Russia began to develop with the drilling Prirazlomnoe in the Pechora Sea. In the spring of 2014 on the MISP Prirazlomnaja was shipped the first batch of oil Arctic Oil (ARCO).

North physicogeographical Arctic region is rich in hydrocarbon natural resources. The Arctic is more than a third of natural gas reserves, and a tenth of the Earth's oil reserves. The share of Russia in the Arctic accounts for no less than 100 billion tons of oil and over 75 trillion cubic meters of gas.

According to the analyst Eldar Kasayeva Energy, Arctic stocks today are the most strategically attractive in the world. Only the Russian Energy Ministry plans to work with private investors in the Arctic program to 2 trillion by 2020

Earlier, Gazprom Neft said it plans to drill two new exploration wells on the shelf of the Kara Sea near the New Siberian Islands and Taimyr to assess the prospects for full-scale production in the Far North.

The Arctic region is also very attractive for the extraction of natural resources, are found manganese, lead, zinc and copper ores. Also found in the Arctic and rare noble metals such as vanadium, tungsten, gallium, indium, and many others.

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