In Rosgeologiya overall petroleum potential Ilir Yi Square
date: 2014-08-24 16:06:26

ETA East Siberian expedition GFUP VNIIGeofizika completed field research stage program of integrated geophysical study of the oil and gas-bearing Ilir Yi Square in Irkutsk region.

Work is carried out in the second half of 2012, according to the state order of the Russian Federation. The contract is worth about $ 1 billion. Rubles.

Representatives VNIIGeofiziki drilled more than 1,700 linear km for MOGT-2D seismic survey, to obtain information about the composition and structure of horizons Vendian-Riphean nizhnekembriya and carbon deposits.

Yet in 2014, the East Siberian expedition plans to process field data to assess neftegazonostnosti Ilir Yi platform.

In 2015, will be prepared and submitted to the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use an analytical report on the prospects of mining and the need for additional exploration.

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