In North Khorasan build refineries Calimani
date: 2014-09-02 15:36:50

In the north-eastern part of Iran to Stop North Khorasan plan to soon build a refinery (Refinery) Calimani.

Since cross-border power shahrestana wa Dzhargalan issued a permit for the construction of refineries. The volume of investments in the construction of the order of 360 million euros from private companies. Now according to plan implementation of the construction is preparing a topographic map and issued land. At the end of 2014 plans to start practical work on the project construction of oil refineries.

As the Executive Director of the refinery project Calimani Zia Asanlu new refinery in once-va-Dzhargalan enters the refining zone of northern Iran. In the said zone in the future will include refinery shahrestana Neka province of Mazandaran, refinery shahrestana Merave-Tape Golestan province and refinery Calimani in the border area of Northern Khorasan.

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