For laying the Arctic MNP-purpe studied soils in Western Siberia
date: 2014-09-02 15:19:16

In the area of laying trunk pipeline "Zapolyarye-purpe" conducted a comprehensive study of bearing qualities and soil stability.

Specialists Tyumen Branch of the Institute for the design of pipelines of JSC "Giprotruboprovod" drilled 8 wells at a depth of 15 m at the boundaries of permafrost, where the track MNP is above the ground.

Pipeline itself pave over the land on special supports that reduce the negative impact of the pipeline on the tundra soils susceptible to attack and not to violate the temperature in the permafrost. Work is carried out according to a strict algorithm: dumping modular driveways along the route, drilling ground to secure the pile supports, installation and gas welding line of the pipeline.

Examine the compliance of soil claimed the project documentation will be carried out in a specialized laboratory in Moscow. For this frozen soil cores were transported to Moscow in special core storage function to maintain ultra-low temperatures. Also in the field of drilling were carried out geotechnical investigations using statistical sensing. Drilling was carried out using a mobile drilling platform AR-2 by continuous pressure of the probe on the ground at a speed of 1.3 m / min. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the soil will be issued an opinion on the safe operation of the ISPs and the need to improve the soil in circumpolar.

Construction of the Arctic-purpe MNP is one of the leading project of JSC "IC" Transneft "in 2014. The main task of the future Arctic Circle MNP-purpe is to transport oil from YaNAO and the Krasnoyarsk Territory to Russian refineries and for export.

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