Belorusneft build a center for the study of core
date: 2014-09-02 14:34:30

RUE "PA" Belorusneft "announced the start of construction of a specialized core storage, which will investigate, process and store core samples. Centre for the Study of cores are planning to build up to the end of 2017

In Oilwell management in Gomel since 1996 organized central core storage, where are stored all existing stocks of core material in Belarus. in the repository has collected more than 28 km of core rocks.

On a new plan to create a core storage area to participate in international research competitions and tenders. The center will be equipped with additional equipment for the study of reservoir properties of rocks. Working with the punch will be made on conveyer chain on a single technology, taking into account the conditions of conservation of core temperature and humidity.

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