Video catalogue of products by NPF "Polytechnika"

Video from news channel "Tver Russia" on Field Fuel Depots
production of our company on the basis of fuel bladder tanks PER-N

3D animation of Field Fuel Storage

Plasement of Field Fuel Storage and Water Dam

Mobile Firefightin unit by RTR News of Russia

Reamering exercise of Water Filling Dam

Installation of water-filled dams in the flood in Blagoveshchensk. Ministry of Emergency Situations

27 August 2013 Demolition of water-filled dams from areas where the water has gone

Video instructions of use of Jerry Can PRK-21L.

Field Fuel Depot

Fuel storage facilities

Bag pipes

Oil spill response

Water tanks

Complex fire

Water-filled dam


Flexible gasholders

Testing of lifting equipment

Impervious berm

Soft portable fuel tanks and knapsack jerry cans
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