Сollapsible Fuel bladders for fuel storage and crude oil depot: reliable and compact flexitank containers

Field Fuel Storage are the cost-effective Temporary Relocatable Bulk Fuel Storage System based on Collapsible Fuel Bladder Tanks, contemporary alternative to old fashioned methods of fuel and water storage.

More than 11 years, our company manufactures given type of product, which is actively used on the fuel market, as well in the northern regions as in the southern regions of the World. Field Fuel Depot Unit based on Collapsible Pillow Tanks has recommended itself as high qualitative solution in fuel logistics, shortening the time of delivery, mounting and working process beginning of fuel storages in many times.

Field Fuel Storage based on Collapsible Bladder Tanks PER-N are destined for the delivery, storage and outgiving the fuel and oil and lubricants, and also for the storage of crude oil under field conditions for the period of works performance process in the district of location, in constant readiness to move.

In one standard 20 feet container places
the complete storage of fuel with nominal capacity of 1000 cubic meters.

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collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

collapsible pillow tank, oil bladder, flexitank, fuel depot

Field Fuel Storage unit with nominal capacity of 1000 m3
is mounting for 3 days by 8 persons!

3D model, video presentation of Field Fuel Tank Farm

Field Fuel Storage Unit on the base of Fuel Bladder Tanks - PER-N
economic use is obvious!

Performance comparison Field Depot Unit - 1000 (1000 cubic meters.)
on the basis of Flexible, Collapsible Bladder Tanks PER-125N, and Steel RVS-200 – RGS-25

Tank type

m3/it. х PER-N it.
inFFS-1000 m3



Price*, USD/it.



125m3 х 8 PER-Nit..

0,4 / 3,2

1 auto, or one
20 t. container

25 500.00

149 000.00


25m3 х 40 RGS it.

2,0 / 80,0

40 auto, or
20 carriages

4 500.00

1 900.00


200m3 х 5 RVS it.

12,5 / 62,5

20 auto, or
30 carriages

51 500.00

260 000.00

* Approximate prices are quoted with commissioning and start up and without including delivery.

General advantages of Field Fuel Storage based on Collapsible Bladder Tanks:

· High mobility, mounting and dismounting speed;

· Wide range of working temperatures -55ºС - +85ºС;

· Availability of placement on unprepared surfaces, ground, snow, swamp, trenches and so on.;

· Multiuse;

· Relatively reasonable price;

· Exclusive safety;

· Exclusive ecological safety;

· Corrosion and environmental impact resistance;

· Ground recultivation necessity absence.

Field Fuel Storage based on fuel bladders delivery to the place of dislocation is performed by any transport, including above ground, air,water transport.

Field Fuel Storage activation and deactivation performs by 6-8 persons for a few hours. Fuel delivery on FFS is performed by automobile transport through winter road, and also by petroleum ship, by railway cisterns or through Field Bag Trunk Pipelines.

Full set of Field Fuel Depot Unit based on collapsible bladder tanks includes:

· Collapsible fuel bladder tanks - PER-N which perform safe fuel storage with a capacity of 25 cubic meters. to 125 cubic meters and more;

· Crown cover and impervious berm;

· Delivery suction hose and portable pipelines;

· Lock valve;

· Quick strike connections "Cam-Lock" or TK;

· Pumps, counters, filling station dispensers;

· Signalization and firefighting means;

· Lighting protection system;

· Cleaning arrangement of rain watter, slushy and drain water;

· Additional equipment correspondingly from the purpose of Field Fuel Storage Unit;

After finishing of working process in the place of their performance there is no left half empty tanks and barrels, which are the dangerous source of technological contamination. Recultivation of the ground after FFS exploitation isn’t necessary.

Field Fuel Storage on fuel bladders, which is collapsible pillow tanks are widely used as well in military as in civil purposes, including the construction and staging the remote objects (pipelines, oil industry, goldfields, mines, rotation villages and so on).

More detailed information about Field Fuel Storage you can find out on the page of documentation, or to contact with our specialists calling the number.: +7 (495) 783-01-67, and also to address us request letter by: info@rusinflex.com

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