Jerry Cans

Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” LLC specializes on the market for mass consumption and manufactures
Portable Backpacks - Jerry Cans and Flexible Fuel Tanks

Portable Backpacks (Jerry Cans) are flexible tanks with capacity from 6 l. to 21l. , which are destined for carrying, transportation by any transport and for storage of any liquids. They are unchangeable as well for the fans of active recreation by foot as for the fans on cycle and auto transport.

Jerry Cans destined for:

Oil and lubricants

Food products


·Diesel gas oil;


·Engine oil;





Video use of Jerry Cans

For easy aviation and special purposes Jerry Cans PRK-21l. are produced, which are equipped with upper hard threaded propylene or brassy filling allotment (opening) diameter 1 feet 25 mm and with threaded propylene or brassy emptying allotment diameter 1/2 feet(12 mm).

General consumer advantages of Jerry Cans are:
light weight;compact ability; containment;
mechanical strength; biological heaviness;
high speed of dispensing and discharge;
resistance to aggressive conditions;
temperature range - 50ºСto + 50ºС

Cover of Jerry Cans (PRK21L) consists of inner hermetic, resistant to the impact of petroleum items polymer insert, which is equipped with filling emptying stand with threaded body, equipped with handles for dispensing and discharge, and also backpack strops for carrying.

Portable Flexible Fuel Tanks (look instruction) are destined for the use in the function of general or additional fuel tank for lifeboats, yachts, motor boats ATV, 4X4, snow mobiles, automobiles and other motor technic in the range of temperatures –50ºСto +50ºС.

Clear Portable Flexible Fuel Tanks which didn’t use for oil and lubricants can be used for the transportation of pure water,
juices, beer, vine, oil and other
liquid food products.

Flexible Tank consists of triple polymer oil and lubricant resistant inner wall and strong outer water resistant fabric shell. In free lying state Portable Flexible Fuel Tank has cushion form. Handles are destined for carrying and binding of a container. Container is equipped with pup joints: filling - diameter 24-32 mmandforcing - diameter 12 mm, which can be connected with fuel flow system, filling holes.

Portable Fuel Flexible Tanks can be placed in different pockets and capacities of the ships, such as timber flooring, locker, and twarts.

Portable Flexible Fuel Tanks are produced with the capacity of 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 liters. According to the customer’s wish Portable Flexible Fuel Tanks can be produced of different forms and size. Tanks description with the capacity of more than 500 liters looks at the page "Flexible tanks".

Portable Flexible Fuel Tanks are exclusively compact in their packaging and are convenient to transport. Irrespectively from plastic and metal tanks, these tanks need minimum place in an empty state. Portable Flexible Fuel Tanks are chemically inactive, they don’t rust and don’t give scratches and surface damage.

Portable Flexible Tanks to their resistance to temperature modes are used in aero industry as additional fuel tank of air plane:

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