Field Bag Trunk Pipelines

Field Bag Trunk Pipelines PMRT are destined for the operative delivery of oil, oil and lubricants, petroleum items, and also the water and technological mortars on the distance up to 200 kilometers and more across the broken ground.

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Field Bag Trunk Pipelines PMRT consist of super strong arming fabric basis with two sided polyurethane covering and provided with quick assembly connection of "Cam-Lock" type.

The separate sections are manufactured in length up to 200 meters and they can be winded. The diameter of pipelines is from 50 mm to 200 mm. Working pressure isfrom 1,6 to 2,6 MPа.

Field Bag Trunk Pipelines are widely used in the following industries:

·Oil and lubricants, petroleum items delivery on Fuel Field Storage Unit;

·Dubbing the trunk pipelines during their reparation;

·Temporary technological pipelines on oilfields, construction platforms, mines, deposits.

·In flood systems to maintain the pressure in oil sand;

·Oil delivery from difficult to reach deposits;

·Water pipes and petrol pipes for pioneer well;

·Temporary intra field pipe lines of different purposes;

·Drainage of deposits, construction platforms, basins.

·Reconstruction of drinking and household water supply under networking accidents conditions.;

·Water supply for fire prevention;

·Irrigation (watering).

Field Bag Trunk Pipelines PMRT has the follow tactical and technical advantages over steel Field Bag Trunk Pipelines PMT:

·Light transportation weight and size;

·High speed of activation and deactivation;

·Minimal combat unit for activation;

·Trenching availability on the broken ground without preparation;

·Low stream resistance– high speed of delivery;

·Corrosion resistance ;

·Resistance to the impact of oil and lubricants, chemicals, water, ultraviolet emission.

During the fuel transfer hand pipelines with integrated landing in tire covering are used.

Coils with hand hose pipelines are installed on off road equipment and wheel type vehicles, which allows in a few days and with minimal expenses to construct Field Bag Trunk Pipelines up to 200 kilometersand more.

To clean hand hose pipelines from liquid remainders special wringers are used, which allow dismounting of hose lines in short terms and with minimal costs.

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