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Research-and-production company SPC “Polytechnika” LLC is a leading Russian company specializing in the development and mass production of collapsible pillow tanks, fuel bladders and soft shells for the road building companies, industrial, scientific, agricultural and commercial companies of different profiles.

SPC “Polytechnika” was founded in 1991 by specialists of the Russian Institute of reliability "Poligrafmash", with the support of the "Center of scientific and technical activities and social initiatives" USSR Academy of Sciences with a view to the introduction of new developments. Manufacture of elastic shells and composite elastomers are one of the most important directions of the high technology industry.

Since 1930s, soft-shell rubber- based materials have been widely used, both in Russia and in the developed countries in the production of fuel bladder tanks . By direction of technology development also included the production of airships, inflatable vessels , buildings, shelters , and other products for military and civilian purposes. During World War II dumps of fuel based on soft elastic rubber- tanks have become an integral part of the success of combat armored and motorized units, as well as aviation. Since the 1970s in the countries of NATO instead of heavy and limited in their chemical and technical characteristics of rubber materials for the production of oil bladders tanks used much higher quality and technological barrier thermoplastic elastomers and composites. In Russia rubberized tanks MR Series produced for military purposes and the needs of Energy until 1991 at the " Yaroslavrezinotekhnika ." Due to the drastic reduction of the military order, this kind of outdated products has been discontinued, and production equipment is dismantled.

In Russia at the framework of diversification since 2003 SPC Politehnika is the first company at the market who began development and production of a new type of product - Mobile Collapsible oil tanks and oil bladders for storage and transportation of oil and oil products, including elastic supplementary tanks for oil tankers of thermoplastic and composite barrier materials .

In May 2004, in Horton city of Norway at an international conference “Russia - NATO on security issues in the Barents Sea”, our company presented "Collapsible removable tanks for oil fleet, Cargo leakage prevention and minimization of damage from accidental spills". The report aroused great interest from both the Western experts, and from participating in the conference Russian deputies, officials and businessmen.

Development of technology for production of collapsible oil bladders for tanker fleet was carried out on the technical task of oil-tanker company " Volgatanker " in cooperation with the Russian Maritime and River Register, as well as with Governmental Research institute № 25 of Central Rocket fuel.

Since 2005 SPC Politehnika, mastered in the test, and then at the mass production at the own production base in Moscow oil bladder tanks for various purposes, including oil, fuel, water, chemicals and other liquid products, as well as collapsible gas tanks and soft tanks. Was mastered serial production line collapsible pillow tanks for various purposes, the state carried out the examination of industrial safety products, certification system GOST-R also received permission to use Gostehnadzora in Russia.

Further, the company has actively participated in the work of thematic scientific seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Have been developed and utilized in the production of new types of soft membranes, including gas tanks, elastic recovery vapor light hydrocarbon fractions, flexible tanks for liquid fertilizers and chemicals, flexible bladders for transformer oil, fire mobile systems based on the collapsible piloow reservoirs. As well as oil bladder tanks, portable jerry cans, air oil bladder tanks, flood and water-filled hydraulic dams, collapsible pneumatic pontoons bags compensators for refrigerators with controlled atmosphere, gas bladders for biogas and many other types of special- purpose and wide.

In 2007, at the request of OAO "Gazprom" for the first time in Russia, we done a project organization of Field Fuel Farms (Arctic DT ) with a capacity of 3000 cubic meters shore-based oil bladder based on the site of pioneer exit pipeline Yamal - Europe, Bajdarsky lip. Fuel depot was brought to the place of work by sea and erected on the shoreline within 3 working days. After which it was carried out on acceptance of diesel fuel floating flexible pipeline on board of the tanker, which was at a distance of more than 2 kilometers from the coast. Operation on acceptance of fuel took about 12 hours. By the record speed of installation term development of this facility has been reduced by more than one year! As well have been spared significant tangible assets.

In the future, fuel farms (FFD ) of different sizes were placed on dozens of remote oil and gas facilities, mining exploration and construction of Siberia and the Far North, as well as the Republic of Kazakhstan, Libya and Vietnam. As well as fuel depots and oil tank farms with a capacity of 500 to 15 000 m3 were produced and put into operation in dozens of objects from Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands to the Yamal Peninsula, Pechora and Varandey.

Starting from July 2007 mass production of collapsible pillow oil tanks, gas bladders and soft shells were launched in PGT Redkino, Tver region. Our manufacturing base is more than five hectares of land, on which the production halls, warehouses materials and finished products, as well as a testing ground pool with a capacity of more than a thousand cubic meters. Production is equipped with modern equipment and machines, including unique working with elastomers vulcanizing boilers, laboratory test benches, own lathe and plumbing section, container workshop and carport. On the production base of scientific and practical seminars and electives, where experts acquainted with new products, as well as participate in the exercises and workshops to introduce new equipment, technologies and their application in practice.

In addition to developing and manufacturing serial production SPC “Politehnika" performs most research work at the request of domestic and foreign organizations, institutions and companies. In particular, at the request of OAO "Gazprom", together with VNIIGAS was performed research work (NCI) "Storage of compressed natural gas in mines and underground mines using flexible hose gas tanks". Together with research institutes "Podzemgazprom" (Underground gas prom.) - research "Elastic storage tanks for brine"; PINP by request - "Development of gas tanks for storage of helium", at the request of the Research Institute "Oceanology" - R & D "collapsible retrievers for emergency Hydrophysical lifting equipment". On the application of GC "Arsenal Salvation" - R & D "Mobile fire complexes" , at the request of the company «ClearTechOil» LTD, United Kingdom, together with the center Cosmonaut . YA Gagarin - research "Dome elastic filler for deep localization of oil spills". With the company TOTAL SA, SERS, by ClearTechOil, Ltd, UK - under the "Localization of deepwater oil spills using elastic storage domes - separators", Institute of Oceanology. PP Shirshov RAS by ClearTechOil, Ltd, UK program "Natural gas production from gas hydrate sediments by elastic storage domes "; company cooperates with JSC "Interdisciplinary Institute plastics processing - NGO "Plastic" - MAI program development of modern soft fuel tanks aeronautical engineering . "From the Institute for Storage FA Rosrezerv – program "Development and mass production of equipment for control and elimination of the consequences of fires, floods, oil spills and other emergencies on the basis of elastic shells".

Participation in international research programs and innovative projects, SPC "Politehnika" always on the high level of technology development, implementation and production, constantly expanding the range and improving the efficiency parameters of products. Our company on its educational and industrial base and on the basis of its partners - the Academy of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Minister GC "Arsenal Salvation" - provides trainings, coachings, training and certifications of customer representatives to work with collapsible pillow tanks, the oil tank depots and tank farms. If necessary, our company provides customer training on-site.

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