Flexible Fire tanks

Firefighting tanks of water supply in a mandatory manner include idle containers for the storage of normal amount of water– fire tanks. Without this condition safety system of any industrial or household object will be ineffective.

Types of tanks

According to the means of installation the tanks are divided into: above ground and underground. According to the type of construction they are vertical and horizontal. Traditionally the tanks are made of steel and concrete. However, for the last years these materials are displace with durable and technological plastic.

Underground and above ground tanks

Firefighting tanks of water storage should be installed in the immediate area from the storage facilities and places of fire dangerous materials processing. However, it cannot be performed because of place absence. In such cases the best solution will be the installation of container.

But, as distinct from the above ground tanks, such assembly requires large scale ground works, complex preparations of foundation and safe fastening with the help of cables

Vertical and horizontal tanks

On capacity of tanks, scale of industrial platform depends the type of construction whether it will be vertical or horizontal. Horizontal, as a rule, are installed in underground area, but vertical are more compact and more technological in their manufacturing.

Steel and reinforced concrete tanks

The choice of material for the tank’s manufacturing is identified by its capacity, construction type, environmental temperature and soil moisture under underground placement conditions. The main capacity of fire tanks is 50 and100 m3. If it is necessary to place several above ground tanks with capacity up to 500 m3, so there will be the products made of low alloy steel or stainless steel.

If the underground storage facilities will be installed according to the typological project, there will be mass concrete or concrete rings.

Polyethylene and fiber glass tanks

Metal or reinforced concrete tanks require expensive anti corrosive processing of the surface.

Polyethylene of high consistence:

·Anti-corrosion resistance



·Maintenance simplicity.

Fiber glass tanks have these advantages and good exploitational characteristics as well. Despite of higher price, they are required in zones of big temperature gradient.

Flexible firefighting tanks for watter storage:

Permanent perfection of contemporary materials created the whole class of flexible containers for the storage and transportation of different liquids. Elaborated and manufactured by Scientific and Production Company “Politehnica” LLC collapsible tanks under transporting conditions are effective in case of fire fighting and they can used as temporary storages.

Flexible tanks and reservoirs of pillow form are made of synthetic high strong material with water resistant two sided polymer shells. Tanks are installed in that place where will be their long term exploitation. It can be, as well as temporary storage of water during the object construction process, as season tanks used in agriculture and in fire danger zones.

To prevent the fire the following modifications of flexible tanks of PER-WT series should be performed:

  • Stationary cushion fire tanks of water storage for firefighting with capacity of 1 to 100 m3 and more (look the description and standard series).
  • Insert for steel and concrete fire tanks and containers.
  • Water resistance surface for fire basins and ponds (find out more detailed information about impervious canopy TFG).
  • Intermediary fire tank accumulator and distributor for the water supply to the fire source with the help of additional line length more than 2- 3-km., the capacity of one is up to 120 cubic meters and more.
  • Transport flexible tank is the cistern for water supply to the fire source on board and platforms of automobile transport, in containers for hard wastes and by other types of transport. Capacity is up to 30 cubic meters (look tactical and technical characteristics).
  • Handing helicopter modification for water supplies into difficult to reach and remote places to provide with working process of mobile fire team. Capacity 1, 3, 5 and 15 cubic meters.

Video about the work of Mobile Collapsible Fire Tank Unit:
Flexible Fire tank is equipped with coupling heads GM50, GM 70, GM 80, GM 120 correspondingly with technical task of a customer. Mobility, compactness and light transportation weight of polymer flexible tanks PER make them irreplaceable as well for organization of fire tanks, containers and basins for different dwelling, industrial, constructive and other objects as for operational water supply to fire team.

Flexible tanks advantages:

The choice of exactly these constructions is identified by their exploitational characteristics and advantages:

  • Simplicity and speed of installation and dismounting;
  • Light weight and size of the product;
  • Transportation convenience;
  • Certain requirements absence for preparation of the ground;
  • Multiuse availability;
  • Waterproofing absence.

“Politehnica” company manufactures flexible tanks as well in stationary performance mode as in transportation performance mode. Except that, the inserts for steel and concrete containers are manufactured from water resistant material.

Flexible fire tank capacity calculation:

For effective work of fire crew it is necessary to calculate the water reserve. For the calculation of the necessary water capacity it is necessary to identify:

  • Minimal time to prevent the fire;
  • Speed of water supply from tank;
  • Average quantity of fires for the certain period of time;
  • Time for the filling of one tank.

Taking into account the obtained data and requirements SNiP 2.04-84 «Water supply. External networks and arrangements» the capacity and quantity of fire tanks on the platform is identified.

Requirements and testing

To provide with safe and stable exploitation the collapsible tanks should possess the containment and strength as well of fabric, as of joints.

It’s performs with the help of following control operations:

1. Incoming control of physical and mechanical characteristics and water resistant fabric.

2. All ready products are tested under manometric pressure.

3. Accuracy and workability of each collapsible tank is possible only under stable work of technological equipment and satisfying all requirementsof technological process.

How to buy collapsible fire tank?

Scientific and Production Company “Politehnica” has certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, so the company offers its customers only reliable and qualitative production on reasonable prices.

Having addressed to our specialists of our company in the central office or in regional representation, you will always get qualified help.

For more detailed information about firefighting tanks you can find out in: "Downloads", or look in PDF format, or contact with our specialists calling the number: +7 (495) 783-01-67, and also send us request letter per e-mail: info@rusinflex.com

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