Flexible tanks “Crane-Test” for testing of load lifting technic

Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” offers you to examine the possibility of Flexible tanks “Crane-Test” use for testing of load lifting technic.

Flexible tanks for the testing of load lifting technic “Crane-Test” by the manufacturing of our company is destined for certification optimization and include the water filling.

The cover of flexible tanks ERTG is manufactured from strong synthetic material with two sided polymer covering, which provide with a containment of a product.

The cover is equipped with load braces, filling allotments, placed in the upper part of a cover (for ERTGwith capacity more than 20 m3) and confluent allotment, placed in the lower part of a cover, and also with ball valve.
ERTG can be used in the function of containers for water storage under accidental conditions.
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Technical specification:

·Used for the testing of dockside cargo cranes, marine platforms, load lifting technic and floating facility of common purpose;

·Doesn’t require the expenses for the delivery and storage as concrete units;

·Can be set up for the convenience of transportation and storage;

·From 1 m3 to 10 m3 ERTG is packaged in a sack, from 12,5 m3 to 50 m3 in a box

·All ERTG tanks are produced with strength index 6:1;

·All the tanks are certified for strength and containment;

·Nominal capacityfrom 1 m3 to50 m3.

To obtain more detailed information, please contact our specialists calling the number: +7 (495) 783-01-67, and also address us the request letter per e-mail: info@rusinflex.com

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