Сollapsible Fuel bladders for lubricants: reliable and compact flexitank containers

Collapsible Fuel Bladder Tanks for liquid fuel storage and transportation of crude oil and lubricants, which are manufactured by Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika” LLC, are made of polyether and super hard material with ballistic plaiting and two sided polyvinyl chloride covering. Such material of a shell can provide not only with strength, but with containment and workability of products in the range of temperatures of -60 - +80 degrees.

These fuel bladders proved themselves well under the most extreme and the hardest conditions of use – whether these are wet rainforests, hot deserts or even cold tundra.

PER-N 320m.3.

Test of PER-N 320m.3.

TNK BP inc. fuel farm 2013

Demo of products for Millitary

Fuel Bladder Tanks for crude oil and fuel products:

Fuel and crude oil, and lubricants are chemically aggressive liquids, which should be stored in tanks, which correspond to certain set of requirements of accident prevention. These tanks are produced in a way, that spontaneous or accidental fuel fire outbreak should be excluded. Special tanks for crude oil and fuel products are required in all spheres, connected with manufacturing or storage of fuel liquids, and also in private household.

Tanks are classified according to:




·Sort of fuel;

·Installation relative to the ground.

Generally, the tanks for crude oil and fuel storage are made of metal, fiberglass, reinforced concrete. The most widespread constructions in Russia, as well as abroad are metal constructions from steel, manufactured according with all necessary technical requirements. But fiberglass for crude oil and petrolium products storage becomes increasingly widespread.

According to the form and construction it’s possible to divide the tanks into cylindrical tanks with horizontal set or vertical set, and also special constructions of quadrangular, spheroidal, or box form.

Horizontal tanks have bottom of a spherical shape. Vertical tanks have only one neck tube, and horizontal tanks are occasionally equipped with two neck tubes: one for the placement of technical binding and dismounting cross functional delf, and also one for the placement of manhole hatch to perform the inspection and control. According to the construction form of given tanks, they are one-walled and two-walled.

Relatively to the ground the tanks can be installed in free different ways – above ground, underground, semiunderground.

Above ground installation means such placement, that bottom should be located higher than ground level or properly on the soft surface. Semiunderground installation of a container means partial landing in a way, that the highest level of petroleum item shouldn’t go beyond the height in 2 meters from the ground surface. Underground installation means that the highest level of petroleum item should be 0.2 meters by the project point of petrol filling station territory.

Containers are single chambered and double chambered. The last involve the storage and delivery of several fuel types simultaneously.

Flexible, Collapsible Fuel Bladder Tanks for liqued fuel storage of PER-N series are manufactured with nominal capacity of one up to 120 cubic meters. (look at the table of general characteristics).

Flexible, collapsible bladders for fuel and crude oil products by SPC “Politechnika” LLC are light, compact and reliable. They allow organizing operatively long term storage of fuel items and crude oil as well under factory environment as under field conditions as a cost-effective farms under any type of ground: even on sand, snow, stones, swamps, ravines and gullets. There are also available transport modifications of flexible tanks, designed for crude oil and fuel products transportation by closed and opened platforms of automobiles.

To obtain more detailed information about Flexible, collapsible fuel bladder tanks patterns, can be applied in your individual case, call the number +7 (495) 783-01-67 or contact us by e-mail: info@rusinflex.com, to give the opportunity to our consultants to help you with choice of equipment.

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