Water filling collapsible hose dams for safety securing

Under accidental conditions today is widely used the new equipment which can not only prevent mini catastrophe, but keep safe from it. Moreover, such equipment is truly compact operative in its installation and useful in all possible situations. One of the elements of such contemporary approach to provide with safety is water filling collapsible dams.

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Water filling collapsible dams construction and work principles

Water filling dike is the closed flexible pipe with external covering from synthetic material and two inner hermetic cameras from multiply polymer film. Also the dikes are equipped with emptying filling allotments, filling connection for separated pump or motor pump additionand drainage allotments.

On the shell there are strops in order to have the possibility to fix the filling dam on the graded surfaces and to fasten the cables. Size compactness also wonders: during the transportation the dam are rolled up and packaged in wooden boxes or fabric material.

Water filling collapsible dam nature and use

Water filling collapsible dams are filled with water constructions, made of multilayered strong composite material. The package consists of four flexible pipes of 25 m longitude. Each of these flexible pipes is easily installed for 15-20 minutes, replacing with itself thousands of sacks with sand, what is impossible to estimate in accidental situations. In time of flood in Russia, which shocked everybody, the cargo in the function of filling dams was easy to reload after transportation on automobile vehicles and to transport it in the flooded regions. Water filling dams, manufactured by our company was successfully applied in the protection of Far East regions in the end of summer and in the beginning of autumn of the present year.

As it seen, water filling collapsible dams give the opportunity to organize the safest of essential objects: dwellings, hospitals, schools, wells, industrial enterprises in case of flood. At that the mounting equipment exploitation are performed quickly without labor contributions at the hands of specialists.

This type of equipment is widely used in the USA, EU countries and other developed countries to provide with effective protection of the objects from floods. Also they are permanently used during the reparation process or building of different hydro technical constructions, including landing places, dams, and bridges. Also this equipment is widely used in works connected with reparation of underwater areas of major pipelines.

Advantages of water filling dikes

The equipment, which is used in accidental situations, requires such characteristics:


·Installation speed;


·Reasonable price;


All these advantages have water filling collapsible dams. Think: in the process of industrial objects and whole populated locality protection the sacks with sand are always used against floods. The laying of such protective embankments requires long period of time, hard work and truly big costs..

Taking into account that on water filling dams by SPC “Politechnika” can replace one thousand sacks with sand, the advantages of its use are obvious. Water filling dams become also the unique solution in drainage of the bottom sectors, in most cases necessary for building and reparation of the objects of hydro technical purpose.

The time required for installation is also surprising: for the mounting of one construction it’s necessary approximately half an hour and small labor contributions, that becomes the necessity under lack of specialists conditions in the struggle against water power.


DAMS OF 1000 МETRES - 30 MINUTES ! ! !

In Russia the manufacturing of water filling anti flood dams first set up by Scientific and Production Company “Politechnika”. Our company manufactures this equipment from the newest elastomers of composite type and warrants for its quality.

To obtain the information and to get acquainted with equipment, materials and to know the price of water filling dams, call us the number +7 (495) 783-01-67 or write per e-mail: info@rusinflex.com, that our experienced consultants could choose the equipment for you.

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